Alternatives Professional Counseling, Inc.

Dear  interested parties:
We would like to introduce our agency to those that have not used or are unfamiliar
with our services.  For those that have referred to this agency in the past or even
recently, you may not be aware of our focus on developing a comprehensive,
coordinated, multi-faceted program.   Alternatives Professional Counseling, Inc. is
a treatment agency offering diversified services in the areas of domestic violence,
substance abuse and dependency, anger management and family focused
programs.   Alternatives offers programs with costs that are affordable, up front
and clear with no hidden fees or undisclosed administrative costs.


Alternatives Professional Counseling, Inc. provides services in  behavioral health
programs for many service organizations throughout Thurston County.  
Alternatives in cooperation with the Thurston County Sheriff
's Office, Thurston
County Correctional Facility, provides the Inmate Chemical Dependency Program
which is unique in county facilities in the state of Washington.  Alternatives in
cooperation with administration and staff of the Thurston County Correctional
Facility has developed the Domestic Violence Offender Program.  Alternatives
provides in house Alcohol and Drug information Classes to both the Thurston
County Correctional Facility and the Olympia Municipal Court Jail facility. The
agency in addition provides gender specific services to women inmates at the
Thurston County Correctional Facility through the Turning Point Program.

Alternatives in cooperations with the Department of Social and Health Services of
Washington State provide varied services to Children's Protective Services,
Department of Children's and Family Services.  

Alternatives provides on site Victim Advocacy Services to the Olympia Service
Office, DSHS.  Advocacy services take part in the Tri County Advocacy Group,
Alternatives is a participating and supporting member of the Thurston County
Domestic Violence /Sexual Assault Task Force.  Alternatives supports and
appreciates the support of Safeplace [see links] Olympia WA.

This web site is to update you, or introduce you to our agency.  It will familiarize
you with our services and introduce you to our staff.   We will also be providing
information of interest in the areas of Domestic Violence, Chemical Addictions and
Recovery and related topics.

Mission Statement & Philosophy

The mission of the agency is to provide services in which the individual is treated
with dignity and respect.  The program staff at Alternatives through proven best
practice, evidence based modalities, that enable us to connect with others on a
non-judgmental basis.  We are committed to treating each client, and  providing a
holistic approach to treatment.
State Certified Domestic Violence Programs, Anger Management, State Certified
Chemical Dependency Services, Mental Health, Individual Counseling, Couples,
Behavioral Health, and Family Support Programs.

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203 4th Avenue E.  Suite 301   Olympia WA 98501   Call: [360] 357-7986  Fax: [360] 534-9595
203 4th Avenue E.  Suite 301   Olympia WA 98501  

Call: [360] 357-7986      Fax: [360] 534-9595
Alternatives Professional Counseling, Inc.

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Monday through Thursday 10AM to 5PM

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